Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement is a surgical procedure in which a diseased or damaged joint is replaced with an artificial joint called a prosthesis, which is designed to move just like a healthy human joint.

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Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement may provide the pain relief you long for and enable you to return to your favorite activities. Hip replacement may be considered when arthritis limits your everyday activities.

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Sports Medicine

Sports medicine focuses on the prevention and treatment of conditions and injuries associated with athletic training and competition.

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Patient Testimonials

Discover what our patients have to say regarding their office visit, surgical experience or recovery process. We also encourage our existing patients to share their own experience!

Shirley Z

  • right hip replacement

“I am so pleased that my Doctor Debra Snyder referred me to Dr Mark Garder...first for a left knee replacement and then Nov 18, 2014 for a right hip replacement. I am 74 years old and the new joints have made an enormous difference in my everyday living. Dr Gardner is a very caring and perfessinal Doctor....I would recommed him to any of my friends. I appreacte the personal calls and interest. I cannot say enough about all the help and new life he has extended to me......Thank you Dr Gardner and God Bless are truly a wonderful and caring Doctor.... ”

Kim J. Brewer

  • (L) Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

“Ok, I must admit I was a bit of a pain in the butt for Dr. Gardner. He had been telling me for 2 years that my left shoulder needed replaced. I finally admitted to myself that he was right. On Nov.6, 2014 I underwent (L) total shoulder replacement. As I sit here typing this with both hands on my 5th day post-op I know I made the right choice in Dr. Gardner. My case was very interesting as I am 53 and Dr. Gardner told me he would expect to see my shoulder in a much older person. I was very impressed with a phone call the evening before my procedure from Dr. Gardner, confirming my belief I have the right surgeon for me. Even with all that doc had to deal with during my procedure, I am able to control the pain with Tylenol and ice packs so far. Physical Therapy is beginning and I'm on to a whole new pain free world. Thank you so much Dr. Mark Gardner <3 I'm sending everyone I know in pain to your office. I will be back on my motorcycle in the spring!!!!!!!”

JoAnn Q

  • Knee replacement

“I actually started treatment with Dr. Gardner for my left knee. He repaired the meniscus and cleaned out arthritis. A year later that knee was doing much better but now the left knee was a pain, literally. The X-rays showed a knee replacement was needed. I know several people who had procedures with him and were very pleased with Dr. Gardner' s surgery. He listens to you and explains what is happening to you and how he can help you. I have recommended him to several people. My knee is so good now. It had been 7 months. I have 4 trips planned in the next 6 months. I know now I can handle all the activities I will be involved in this year. 2014 is a good year. Thank you Dr. Gardner.”

Sue Slick

  • total knee replacement

“On December 3rd 2013, I had a total right knee replacement at Farrell hospital. The surgeon was Dr. Mark Gardner. The entire experience was successful, rewarding and beneficial in so many ways that on feb 11th I'm having my left knee done! I am grateful for the expertise of Dr. Gardner. I have the upmost confidence in this man and feel our area is fortunate to have such a talented and caring surgeon.

God Bless,

Sue Slick”

Dale W. Fiscus

  • Total hip replacement

“Feb. 6, 2014 Dr Gardner performed a total hip replacement of my left hip. I had been working in pain for a couple of years and had been told this is what I needed.

After visiting two other doctors, with whom I was less than impressed, I was referred to Dr Gardner. He took all the time needed to review the x-rays with me, show me the replacement parts that would be used, and explain the procedure until I felt comfortable.

The night before my surgery Dr Gardner called me at home to discuss the next day and answer any additional questions I may have had. That's when I really knew I had made the right choice.

My surgery was performed at Greenville Hospital where I had the best of care.

Dr Gardner's less invasive style of hip replacement has lessened my recovery time and gotten me back on my feet in record time.

It's been three months and I am doing anything I want to do with no pain or discomfort.

This has been a totally positive experience and I highly recommend Dr Gardner and Greenville Hospital to anyone needing hip replacement surgery.

Robert J. Zikmund

  • total right knee replacement

“Dec. 10th, 2013 I had total right knee replaced. I was actually set to have an other Dr. do the surgery in Nov. until I saw an ad for a seminar on hip and knee replacement. Went to the seminar that Dr.Gardner put on and it was very helpful. Found out a lot of answers to questions I did not even have to ask about. A week later met with Dr. Gardner. X-rays showed the knee was shot and we agreed the next step was surgery. Not an easy process to handle. At age 54, I was very nervous about going through this surgery. Dec 10th the surgery was scheduled for and Dr. Gardner knew I was nervous but calmed me down by assuring everything would be fine, even called the night before the surgery which really helped to ease the nerves. The surgery was performed and things went well. It wasn't until I got home that I wondered what I had done. Pain medicine took the edge off but that was all it did. The first four to six weeks are the toughest. At this point and time Feb. 10th, I am two months out and things are getting easier. Once you get past the fourth week it seems that each week your able to do more and more. It takes time and rehab but it will get better. Dr. Gardner's confidence in his ability that the knee will be better then it was gave me a calming effect. I feel that's why I went through with it and am glad I did now. Four weeks ago, not so sure. I am hoping I can hold out a year or two before the left one needs done but if and when, I will be back with Dr. Gardner to perform the surgery. Five to six weeks ago I had a lot of words for the doctor, some not so nice, but now I have one, THANKS!”

Bob Janosko

  • Bi Lateral Partial Knee Replacement

“I initially spoke to Dr. Gardner about a double knee replacement in Sept. 2013. After the preliminary testing was done and Dr. Gardner reviewed the results with me, he felt that I was a good candidate for PARTIAL knee replacements instead of FULL knee replacements but would be prepared for full knee replacements if necessary. Although the final decision was up to me, I had full confidence and faith in Dr. Gardner's recommendation. Dr. Gardner performed surgery on Oct. 29, 2013 doing the partial knee replacements (Yes both at the same time!). One week later I was walking with assistance and three weeks after surgery I drove to his office for my followup visit. Everything was explained before hand with Dr. Gardner and his wonderful staff answering all of our questions. In fact, Dr. Gardner called me the night before my surgery to see if I had any other questions! Everything was set up in advance from the family physician visit, the hospital visit, the equipment needed in my home, the home therapist and the out patient followup, all handled by his office! Three months post surgery and I am feeling wonderful! I would highly recommend Dr. Gardner for your orthopedic surgery and urge you not to put it off! He will make sure you are free of pain before you know it!”

shirley hornfeck

  • right knee s/p arthroplasty






J. Brown

  • hip replacement

“When Dr. Gardner told me that he could fix my hip and alleviate the terrible pain I was experiencing, I was very skeptical. His manner was very caring. He even called me evening before the surgery to ask if I had any concerns. The operation was slightly delayed because I developed a rapid heart beat. Dr. Gardner postponed the operation for several hours to take tests to be sure that the operation would not be a danger for me. During this time he kept in contact with my wife to advise her the reason for the delay. The operation was a complete success as far as I am concerned. I can walk without all the pain I was having and am able to do things that were too difficult I am 87 and still have chronic back pain, but it is nothing compared to the hip pain. I know several people who are enduring serious hip pain but they are afraid of the surgery. I have highly recommended Dr. Gardner to them, and I hope they take advantage of his skills. I have been able to go back doing voluntary work at St.Paulâs Homes, and to meet with my friends for dining and playing cards. Since leaving the hospital, I have two follow-up appointments that were very reassuring. I have complete confidence in Dr. Gardner. ”

Bob J.

  • Shoulder pain

“Suffered with shoulder/neck pain for several weeks. Tried a chiropractor several times with no real improvement. Primary care physician had x-rays and MRI done and recommended Dr. Gardner. After injection and therapy I was able to get back the range of motion and am now pain free thanks to Dr. Gardner's help. I am now scheduling knee surgery with Dr. Gardner. He takes the time to talk with you and go over all options. Explains everything completely. I have complete trust and faith in Dr. Gardner. ”


  • Total Knee Replacement

“I had been limping for several years and recently couldn't sleep through the night. Dr. Gardner did a total knee replacement in December, 2012. I am 100% satisfied. I diligently did all the therapy I was suppose to do, in fact I'm still doing it at home. After six months I was working on construction, up and down ladders, roof work, etc. I have been able to play volleyball and softball (carefully). All this with no pain. And the best is that I can sleep through the night. I'm a satisfied customer and would recommend this surgery. ”


  • Knee Replacement

“I am 49 years old and have had knee pain for years. Pain medications, injections and physical therapy did little to relieve my pain. I could no longer play tennis let alone walk through the grocery store without excruciating pain. A few months ago, Dr. Gardner replaced my right knee and I couldn't be happier with my results! I would recommend Dr. Gardner to anyone in need of a knee replacement because he has given me my life back!”

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